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As content creators, we likely speak to (and listen to) folks online who think like us and who agree with us. But if we truly seek to understand and be understood, preaching to the choir is not enough. For example, I am an Indian woman who would like the world to know that it is not okay to appropriate my vibrant culture. It's nice that I can share this message on my personal platforms, but I'm likely reaching friends/family/followers who already know this information.

I created The Hungry Orchid (THO) to address this gap. THO is an open space where women of all walks of life can intersect. We offer a community of millennial women aged 25-35 who are multicultural, keep an open mind, and most importantly, are engaged. Our content falls into 4 buckets:

  • Self Growth: includes topics like mental health, self love, sexuality, etc.
  • Fashion: includes topics like style tips, fashion as a form of self expression, etc.
  • Success: includes topics like imposter syndrome, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Social Issues: includes topics like intersectional feminism, racism in America, sexual violence, etc.

Extend your voice to our community by emailing us at thehungryorchid@gmail.com or by filling out the form below.


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